A collection of animated paintings

Social media can cause both long and short term stress as well as a distorted perception of time. From three hours on Tik Tok, feeling like 10 minutes, to addiction like withdrawals that prolong our sense of the real world. Fossil refresh aims to encourage young adults to be aware of how much time they spend online.


Original Artworks: 

Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer. c. 1665

Still Life with Lemon and Cut Glass by Maria Margaretha van Os. c. 1826

Flycatchers on a Nandina Bush by Ohara Koson. c. 1936

Portrait of William III by Godfried Schalcken. c. 1697

Saint Barbara reading by Hubert van Eyck and Jan van Eyck. c. 1426

Phoebe Watts

Case studies

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