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Aonia Hero Gifs

Aonia provides a curated selection of videos and virtual talks about art from leading museums around the world.   

In the lead up to the launch of their website, Aonia asked me to provide some hero images that would set their website apart and inform their brand identity.

Motion can reintroduce an image in a way that we have never seen it before. I started by searching for paintings in the public domain, the Rijks Studio and The Hague website were great resources.

The Process

Areas of the painting had to be isolated into layers in Photoshop, I then digitally painted and filled in the parts of the background where the animation would take place. The Photoshop file was then imported into After Effects to be animated.


Animated Paintings

‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ is one of the most iconic artworks ever created. Yet her story remains just as mysterious. In popular culture, her story is obscured by the novel and film ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ which portrayed her as Vermeer’s maid turned mistress. However many believe the painting to be more innocent, the subject being Vermeer’s daughter. In truth, the ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ never existed. Her earring being too heavy in weight to be worn and the odd fashion for the time lead many historians to believe the subject was a fantasised image based on a decorative bust. A type of painting known as a tronie offered an escape for the viewer into an exotic world. For this animation, I played on the stories that surround the image, an exaggerated earring and wink.

I was attracted to this Still Life as it had elements that would have been animated in real life, allowing me to bring a new perspective to the ’Still life’. 

Original Artworks:


Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer. c. 1665

Still Life with Lemon and Cut Glass by Maria Margaretha van Os. c. 1826

Flycatchers on a Nandina Bush by Ohara Koson. c. 1936

Portrait of William III by Godfried Schalcken. c. 1697

Saint Barbara reading by Hubert van Eyck and Jan van Eyck. c. 1426




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