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BAF Media Kit

Bournemouth Air Festival is a landmark event held by BCP.  

Regarded as the UK’s most successful civilian air show, the festival is both leading and innovative for the aviation industry, attracting over 10.5 million attendees since 2008.

The festival is back for 2023 and as part of that, BAF needed a new media kit to better convey the event experience to larger sponsors. 

For the Media kit, I directed the design by exploring new ideas to establish an updated look and theme. The goal was to produce a concise deck using infographics to clearly communicate festival statistics and simplify the layout of information surrounding sponsorship opportunities.

NEW: Media Kit 2023

All the work produced for the media kit consisted of original graphics. This includes icons, infographics and layouts. The photography was photoshopped for a cleaner appearance, including replacing the sky to keep the media kit as consistent as possible.

The BAF logo was changed from the coloured version to a navy overlay. This was due to the logo containing lots of colours, which distracted from the information on the slides.

The main deliverable:


OLD: Media Kit 2022


The 2022 media kit  was created internally by BAF and was the starting point for the 2023 media kit.

The original media kit consisted of lots of text and images. It was hard for the sponsors to navigate and find the information that appealed to them most.

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