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City Bouldering

City Bouldering is an indoor climbing gym based in Westfield London.  

During a five month contract, I worked at City Bouldering, as a content creator. My primary focus revolved around maintaining their instagram account, this included coming up with creative concepts, graphics, filming and editing whilst engaging with the community.

My work also transitioned into the physical space of the centre, to further promote events, drive sales and create a stronger brand presence offline.

Instagram Content

The demographic of followers was diverse, ranging from students to four-years-olds and their parents. In response, I curated a lighthearted and entertaining feed that appealed to all age groups. Embracing popular trends like the ‘choose your fighter’ challenge, where various types of chalk became the contenders, added to the ‘gamification’ of the sport. This direction complemented the app ‘Gryptonite’ they were promoting where members can track their progress. Additionally, I introduced original concepts, such as comparing climbing techniques to those observed in animals. This also injected an element of education but through a playful and relatable way. 

Beyond the content creation, my commitment extended to maintaining a vibrant online community. Actively engaging with followers, responding to inquiries, and strategically reposting relevant content as ‘Stories’. Examples shown @westfieldlondon pumpkin reel and Meta POV taken by a member at the centre. In addition to visual elements, I provided support with copy on posts. Managing the link tree, ensuring it remained up-to-date and provided a seamless navigation for our audience between the instagram and website. Each caption included a call to action, promoting the link and, in turn, directed traffic to the site. 

Static Posts & Carousels


In-Centre graphics


In the centre, I created graphics for the outside digital billboard, inside monitor and the odd printed poster. By reformatting the graphics on Instagram I could not only maximise efficiency but create consistency across the brand and unite the physical with the digital space. 

One printed project involved the design of an A5 flyer, its aim was to communicate key information about the revised kids’ sessions. This ensured that parents and young climbers were well informed and excited about the positive changes unfolding. The flyer also included a fun ‘certificate of achievement’ on the back to reward the kids at the end of parties. 

Instagram Reels

The static posts (above), which consisted mainly of promos was intersected with reels to create a more organic and personal feed. The nature of reels allows for more accounts to be reached, the videos therefore performed the best out of all content. Our aim was to create a ‘hero-reel’ once a week, where I would consider a fun angle to promote the new climbing routes.

On starting, the reels would achieve in the realm of 1500 accounts reached, which was an engagement I managed to maintain. Over the course of my contract, I increased the amount of comments per reel and had a breakthrough video ‘V3 Demo – Beta Breakers’ which reached over 11,000 accounts, 14,600 plays and 250 likes. This video was well produced but the main takeaway was its informative perspective, this became a consideration with our audience going forward. 


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