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Grub’s Up

Buzzing for pure protein

It’s no secret that meat consumption is having a substantial impact on the environment, not to mention the question of animal welfare. When Adam&Eveddb proposed the brief: How do we get hardcore carnivores to eat less meat. My response was to find an answer to changing our habits through a deceiving alternative.

Grub’s up is an entomophagy food festival. Its aim is to introduce the ultimate fast food to hardcore carnivores and make the crawlies less creepy by recreating delicious alternative products to what they already know.

It’s not unheard of to hear that insects will be next on the menu, but where are they?

We appeal to the hardcore carnivore by promoting what entomophagy does best. That is inexpensive, tasty and protein packed grub. So efficient you could call it mother nature’s fast food. ‘Grub’s up’ is held at the Truman Brewery to educate and introduce entomophagy whilst inspiring food going forward. The festival will take action to change recent UK laws, which unlike Europe label entomophagy as a novel food instead of traditional cuisine. To support the fledgling industry through a focus group and help remove the stigma around edible insects.



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