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Take The Biscuit

Rebranding a bespoke iced biscuit company.

The brief was to build a new visual identity that would reposition the brand as iced biscuit specialists. Formerly known as ‘Eat my cake’, the company transitioned in 2013 from selling cakes to focus on their bespoke biscuit services.

My role was to execute the new logo, variants of it and establish brand guidelines to unite the visual identity across digital and print. This included a new Squarespace website.

Custom Squarespace site

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Visual Identity

The new logo would use the typeface ‘Trade Gothic’, which is also available in a soft edge. We opted for this to potray craft and make it feel doughy. The gold colour itself was used to reflect the biscuits before they are iced, we kept in mind that we wanted the brand to act as a canvas for the photography of the biscuits themselves, whilst still being playful. 

Main Logo / Header

Logo for Invoice

Roundels: Smaller scale (left) & Larger Scale (right)

‘Mr.Biscuit’ for use as sticker / favicon

‘Mr.Biscuit’ Enquiry GIF

Brand Colours

Stamp of approval: Design iterations / Packaging

Squarespace Website

Cut out Biscuit Icons:


Additional digital assets in the form of cut out biscuit icons were created to be used across the site. For the ‘Pet Portrait’ webpage, we placed plates in the background to ‘frame’ the biscuits and show the types of pets that had been recreated in icing. 

Custom Icons:


Custom icons related to the craft were created, these included the signature biscuit scallop found in the logo roundels. 

Webpages & Navigation:


The site was built with Squarespace using custom css.

The website has two menus which focus the user journey towards the gallery and FAQ page. The gallery is the hero section of the site as this is where all the previous designs (or inspiration) are. The business was also impacted by many phone calls of the same nature so we therefore prompted the customer towards the FAQ section on many pages to avoid this.

All of the graphics were embedded as SVG’s to decrease the media library and for good practice. The gallery was created using the plug-in Universal Filter, which meant I could apply a filter menu and take advantage of the infinite blog posts feature on Squarespace. In turn, this also lessened the size of the gallery as is pulls each image from blog summaries.

Social Media

These social posts were created to celebrate Movember and update customers on availability over Christmas. The Instagram account is more relaxed when it comes to the graphics as we can rely on the photography styling to create consistency. We therefore decided to keep any informative posts creative and eyecatching.


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