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The Handbook: Feature Images

The Handbook is an online style guide to what’s on in London

I had the opportunity to intern with them where I produced feature collages for their email newsletter and to accompany articles on the site.

I learnt what it takes to create a clickbait image in a fast-paced environment. This included the use of models, in particular, faces as we are naturally drawn to people. Another trick is including food, subconsciously we are far more likely to click given there is a delicious bowl of pasta.

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Improving Low Quality Images:

The Handbook uses lots of product images from different companies however some of the initial press photos are low resolution. For example, the ‘beauty advent calendars’ article needed to stand out and be sent out asap. I increased the quality of the images in Photoshop, this was a success as shown below and something they had not achieved before. For reference the original calendar photo is on the left, although final results are based on the amount of contrast in the original image


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