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Mend The Living

Creating a title sequence, for the novel ‘Mend the Living’.

‘Mend the Living’ is the story of Simon Limbeau’s heart – and the story of all the lives it will impact in the 24 hours between the accident that cuts short his life and the moment when his heart will begin to beat again in the body of someone else. 

The title sequence focuses on the events leading up to the death of character, when he wakes for an early morning surf. For a brief moment in the novel, we get to meet Simon. Simon lived for the surf and the thrill of it, the cold sea and adrenaline rush made him feel alive. The early morning surf characterises him and therefore it was the most appropriate scene for the title sequence. I wanted to reflect the theme of overlapping bodies through replicating circles being pulled apart. The circles come together to heal the title ‘Mend the Living’. The heartbreaking message of the novel is through death we can create a new chance for life. 

The original book was in French and the story is based in Northern France, therefore I wanted to reference this through the fake names of the cast and crew. 



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